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How to export data to Excel spreadsheet in Access 2007
Excel spreadsheets are a common way to share and add calculations to data at many business places. It is easy to export query results or data in tables to an Excel spreadsheet from an Access database. Exporting to Excel works the same way even if the tables in the Access database are linked tables. Following are the steps to export data into an Excel spreadsheet.
Step 1: Open Table or Query Select source
Open the table or query you want to export to excel in datasheet view.
Step 2: Select Excel Option Select source
Click on the External Data tab and then click on Excel. There are two Excel buttons in the External Data tab. Make sure the one you click on has a blue arrow pointing down. When you put you cursor on it, "Export to Excel" should appear as a tool-tip.
Step 3: Enter Destination File Name Select source
Select Destination for data you want to export dialog appears. In the File name box enter the path and file name of the excel file you want to create. You can use the Browse... button to specify the path. In the file format box select the format of the excel file. Click OK.
Step 4: Complete Select source
Save Export Steps dialog appears. It tells you that you successfully exported the table or query. If you want to save the export steps, follow the procedure for that,otherwise click the Close button.

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